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 Steel has some properties that make it pre-eminently suited to construction: 

- Steel is strong, light, versatile and flexible 
- Steel offers great possibilities for aesthetically pleasing construction 
- Steel can be easily combined with other materials 
- Steel is recyclable and reusable and thus is environmentally friendly 
- Steel can be prefabricated and quickly and precisely installed on site 
- Steel has an outstanding useful life and performs very well 
Terminal application of FAREAST Products: the range consists of profiles for roofs and walls, technical profiles, composite panels, purlins, etc. 
These products have a lot to offer: 
With our products, you can give the building its own identity using design and colour. The extensive range provides a wealth of possibilities for industrial, agricultural and residential buildings. 
Thermal performance 
Saving energy is a key aim of construction regulations. Besides the importance of proper thermal insulation, requirements are also placed on buildings’ energy performance. The composite panels, consisting of a core of PIR, PUR or rock wool, are products that have excellent U ratings and accordingly perform very well in terms of energy consumption. Not only is the material important, but also the construction or the building itself. Every application has different requirements and so each product must meet different conditions. We can propose products for nearly every application thanks to the extensive range of composite panels. 
Fire safety 
The requirements define the minimum fire safety performance using for example the terms: fire retardation and fire response. With rock wool panels and composite panels with a core of PUR or PIR, it can meet a broad range of requirements and it can offer a solution suited to nearly every building type and to nearly every requirement. 
In many cases, renovating and updating a building makes more sense than demolishing it and building something new. Prepainted steel is an ideal renovation material when existing roofs and walls are replaced. The existing structure can remain and by installing new profiles or panels, your building can be renewed and upgraded, while also extending the life of the building. 
In a complex situation, the use of steel also offers a solution that is perfectly suited to exceptional conditions such as small thickness, great rigidity, long life and low maintenance.