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Hereby it is designed to promote uniformity and economy in the packaging and loading of products. It provides a summary of standard practices in exporting shipments of products, for the convenience of customers. It should be understood that all the packaging methods described hereafter are not considered standard, and specific changes from the standard, required by the purchaser, may involve additional labour and material. These requests are to be referred to the Sales for costing.
Coils Packing
■ Horizontal type/eye to horizontal
1. W = Wrapping. VW = VCI Wrapping.
2. Straps, minimum 1 OD and 2 ID straps per coil or cut.
3. Corner Protectors.
4. Seal protector 
5. All strapping must be 1 1/4 in. (32 mm)
6. Apply paper insert to eye of coil, properly sealed at all joins.
7. Apply arrow to shroud indicating the direction of the coil wind.
■ Vertical type/eye to up 

1. Skeleton platform displayed.
2. Straps, minimum 1 OD and 2 ID per coil or cut.
3. Corner Protectors.
4. All strapping must be 1 1/4 in. (32 mm).
Cut Length

1. Reversed solid platform (lengthwise runners)
2. Wrap
3. Straps
4. Corners protectors